Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hello again

So sorry I abandoned this blog for so long. To write my past few months daily life would be a challenge but anyways... here I am.
Starting over again.
Picking up where I had left
I am back to writing my diary again. here.
Firstly, I have an account on Carousell - an app which allow all of us here in Singapore to buy, sell or trade anything that we have. Go join us at Carousell! and support me also haha.
2. I will be going to Italy for company trip in December for 8 days. Yay!. But..... - I will go alone.without my family. sob sob.
3. I am still working full time, juggling with my time as a career woman, a mother and a wife. It is hard. but I pace it day by day. God help me.
4. My house still in a mess, disorganized and need parttime helper.
5. I am contemplating of quitting my fulltime job to be a fulltime mother with some side job...
6. My husband is currently unemployed...
7. My Chloe keeps talking and talking that sometimes I just said ok to make her stop questioning me.