Thursday, December 30, 2010

End of year 2010!

Today my pregnancy is coming to 31 weeks. So long since i blog about it, and so many things has happened. My hubby finally finished his studies in november and got a job in a small audit firm company, he is still looking for better company like the big 4. He make a pledge to donate some money if he gets into the big 4. And I know that God really loves us. He made everything possible. We just need to be patient.

These few weeks we also been able to make some money thru part time job. Finally our savings got increased and I am so happy. I also got my AWS (13th mth salary) so all add up and I can feel relieved once more. Hopefully the coming year will be an abundant year for us financially and spiritually.

God, let us be a happy person and guide us thru our daily lives. Make us be more grateful with what we have, and be a better person and also to becme a good parents for our little one.

My resolutions for 2011 are :
- be more patient and loving wife
- eat healthier and get more exercise
- be a good parent
- try to be a good daughter in law
- make progress in our financial (save more, spend less)
- no biting nails? (this is my resolution from 2000 and till now still hasn't resolved.. yet)

God, please help me to fulfill my resolutions.

I want to go sleep now. Good night.